SemiCode to Partner With NCTR

Brief about NCTR:

NCTR stands for Nile Center for Technology Researches, which was founded in 2007 as the first specialized research and development center in Sudan. The center provides a wide range of products, services and solutions that cover different aspects of the ICT fields such as Information security, networks, communication, electronics and radio systems, software solutions and consultations. They drive governmental agencies, private companies, enterprises and businesses to better work environments and higher organizational efficiency..

NCTR also pays great attention to the advancement of applied research, and therefore, has founded three specialized research centers in the most prestigious universities in Sudan.

Brief about Semicode:

This collaboration brings us new opportunities to show our determination in achieving the goals of the two parts, by providing a world-changing business deals, and IT solutions. Exchanging our different and various experiments, exploiting and sharing it can make such a success, because as said don’t just deliver a product, deliver an experience!

Our company provide high quality IT and marketing solutions, such as software development, network services technical support and consultancy. We care deeply about open source community so we provide consultations services to organizations and companies that interested in it.

Common Goals:

SemiCode now is aiming to increase it circle not in size but in value, clients are the center of our circle and because we care, good quality is our goal. Nile center provide different aspects of the ICT fields, including software solutions, and consultations.

Putting in mind both parts are very interested in open source field, NCTR now has the biggest center that’s specialized in open source field called African Open Source Center and we have SemiCode OS as an open source product, so how about mixing both experiments and aim for a great result?

Why partnership?

SemiCode now is aiming to increase it circle not in size but in value, clients are the center of our circle and because we care, good quality is our goal. Nile center provide different aspects of the ICT fields, including software solutions, and consultations.

SemiCode is excited about this partnership and what it can provide to both sides and the public.

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Story of SemiCode.

Success is no accident, and there are no secrets to achieve it, but definitely there’s a recipe for it. Let’s admit it’s not easy, It’s a result of hard work, persistence, determination, dedication and most important learning from failure. It’s a ladder you climb, each step you take teaches what it’s like to be patient, tough and brave and that’s what SemiCode is.


What is SemiCode?

It’s a passion of young adults in software and networks field, started with initial and basic software programs when they were still studying collage. They had the idea of building a platform for programmers and web developers, I mean what’s more brilliant than bringing future to your present! And while their colleagues where making their way through initial and basic software programs, SemiCode team start digging and rubbing.

That passion crystallized into a dream career of starting their own company with unique vision.

About SemiCode OS:

SemiCode OS was created by DEVELOPERS FOR DEVELOPERS! As I said before we wanted to pace the present to reach the future and that’s the exact purpose of IT’s world.

SemiCode’ OS was qualified as the most promising Linux distribution according to ‘’Tecmint’’ Website and nominated to be the next development platform by the Linux Foundation itself! And recorded the top searched distribution in SourceForge and featured at top tech websites such as Its FOSS and FOSSBYTES.

How and when did SemiCode start?

Mohammad Saif the CEO and Co-founder of SemiCode, and his team who created the world’s first OS for programmers and web developers, ignite Semicode OS at November 2016.

After releasing SemiCode OS, people react to it in a way he didn’t expect, starting from heavy downloads reaching up to more than 800,000 downloads, to comments likes & vary responds he received.

After that Mohammad started to think about his own career and build his own company, by freelancing projects, providing advertising and branding services. Although it wasn’t his exact field, but when it comes to your dream career you twist your way to achieve it. And it seems to worked out on October 2017, when SemiCode became alive.

Why did it start?

In a digital world IT touches every aspect of business, from data management and management information systems to building different software systems, creating websites programmes and mobile applications, that most of the organizations and companies need. Putting in mind IT also helps to secure business’s data and organize it, also achieve business objectives and maximize it profits. And that’s why SemiCode was built.

SemiCode tried to meet a lot of organizations and companies needs and demands through providing high quality IT solutions that delivered fast and show real results. Also, one of Mohammad biggest reason to build his own business place, that he wanted to create a different environment, a comfortable and a flexible one. A space where his employees can work in one harmony to bring success to the company.

Where we stand now and what is our vision?

We are standing at the same ladder we were talking about before, we are climbing, building, creating, developing, and fixing. We are growing, we are experiencing, we are seeking!

Because as said, Go big or Go home!
And we are going to be big!

Our vision starts with making our own touch in IT solutions world and make it easier for people around us. Big brands will love to get served by us, even good ideas and business deals, because good brands always looking for good quality and that’s who we are!


Nada Alrofaie

Marketing specialist at SemiCode Co.
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